Portfolio 3


Bharatiya Janseva Sansthan (BJS) was founded with an objective of reversing the virulent situation of growing crime, indiscipline, unbridled sex, and many more such social ills.  It has become imperative for BJS, (i) to launch social service projects to evoke moral discipline, and to revive cultural heritage amongst the youth, (ii) to take up service projects for the downtrodden and backward mass

Objectives of BJS can be enumerated as following:

1.    To work for economic, educational, social, moral and spiritual uplift of poor masses

2.    To develop social harmony and national unity among diverse masses

3.    To work towards removal of untouchability and other social evil practices

4.    To provide relief and rehabilitation to the victims of natural calamities, such as famine and floods, earthquakes, and many such accidents

5.    To establish and run medical help centers for children and mothers health care

6.    To inspire feelings of national unity and integrity, social harmony, and also to preserve and promote good values and practices of Indian culture.

Mission :
To serve the society silently, to improve quality of life of the tribal and deprived segments of the society by providing better education, health care and strengthen cultural ethos for integral Indian society.